Freedom of movement with 24 hours support.

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Welcome to the company «B-line rental cars»!

We are young and international company. We speak Russian, English and Greek, but we differ with German punctuality and responsibility.

You can always rely on us – we provide 24/7 support for any questions you are interested in.

The park of our cars is quite small, and this is a plus – we control every breath, exhale and even the duration of sleep and can guarantee 100% quality.

If you contact us, you will not need a navigator – we will help you to choose the best route for trips around the island, tested by our experience, which will save you time, money and enjoy the culture and not only the gastronomic.

Rental car in Cyprus is a sensible decision that will allow you to relax comfortably, but with “B-line rental cars” your vacation will not just be comfortable, but excellent.

Open up new horizons with us!