Why you need to rent a car in Cyprus?

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By abstracting from the traditional answers about saving time, money and independence, one can not ignore the fact that the choice of public transport in Cyprus is extremely limited.
Forget about trams, trolley buses or subway – an ordinary bus that regularly plying only in the tourist areas of the towns is your best friend!
It is impossible not to mention the local taxi, which, of course, can and should be used, if there really no way out, but there is an important question of price, which makes you think about the practicability of this option.
Nevertheless, after listing the objective reasons that seemingly should answer the question posed in the title of this post, the experienced reader may have doubts.
The fact is that in Cyprus there are a lot of amazing places in its beauty, which can only be reached by car, and we would like to tell you about them.

Governor’s beach.

If you travel from Limassol to Larnaca, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Governor’s Beach, or the beach of white stones. This beautiful and unusual place has a well-deserved reputation not only among local residents, but also with wedding photographers, thanks to very beautiful sunsets.
The sandy beach is located in a natural bay surrounded by white rocks and stones. This place is not very well known among tourists, and here it is possible to rest solitaryly as couples and families with young children.
On the shore there are several restaurants offering a wide selection of local cuisine. It is especially recommended to try freshly-caught squid.

Fans of fishing, diving, snorkeling and yachting Governor’s beach also will not leave indifferent.
This wonderful place is must-have to visit- here is still located one of the residences of the government of Cyprus, which is saying something!


The oldest attraction of the island, known by Byzantine monasteries, churches and ancient archaeological relics.
Troodos is a mountain resort – a reserve of amazing beauty, which is great for those who are tired of the exhausting summer heat and synthetic air conditioning. Here you can have a great walk or ride a bike, enjoying a combination of unusual endemic forests, Cypriot vineyards and charming high-mountain villages.
Troodos is the only place in Cyprus where snow falls in winter, and on the slopes of Mount Olympus you can ski.

Akamas peninsula.
The National Park and one of the last remaining natural areas under the protection of UNESCO.
This rather secluded place is ideal for walking and cycling excursions – you will be amazed by the uninhabited expanses, sandy coves, pine forests, valleys and gorges.
While on the peninsula, pay attention to Cape Drepano. Remains of the ancient Roman port and ruins of the Byzantine basilica are preserved here. Those who believe in miracles will be interested in a desire tree that heals from loneliness.

At Cape Arnautis, next to the lighthouse, you can see the skeleton of a sunken ship, and octopuses and barracudas hide in nearby rocks and caves, and with proper restraint and patience you can watch them and even make some exciting photos.

Cape Greco.

One of the most popular places in Cyprus, located between Protaras and Ayia Napa, will amaze you with its amazing caves, like the beautiful castles created by a brilliant architect.

Not far from the caves there is a unique rock called the “bridge of lovers”. The rock literally hangs over the water like a real bridge, and for obvious reasons is a favorite place for the majority of newlyweds and their photographers.

The coastal waters are exceptionally clean and transparent and therefore very popular for diving, snorkeling and underwater hunting.

We believe that this small but quite tasty digress convinced you that renting a car in Cyprus is not a “luxury, but a means of transportation”.

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